Chad Kroeger Tells Off Nickelback Haters, ‘I’m Over It’

In a recent interview, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger addressed the persistent hate directed towards their band and expressed that he is now  ‘over it.’ He elaborated on how the constant repetition of negativity has led to a sense of apathy:

“I’m over it. If somebody stuck that thing in your face every single day and said, ‘The whole world hates you like this, the whole world hates you.’ What do you have to say about that? Every single day. Every day. Would there be reluctance on your behalf to talk about it? Would you get pissed off? Would you be over it after a while?”

Kroeger also mentioned their documentary ‘Nickelback: Hate To Love,’ directed by Leigh Brooks, and clarified that they won’t answer any further questions regarding the hate they receive:

“We made a documentary, everybody can watch it. And now from this day forward, if anybody asks that question in the press, it’s like that’s the end of the interview. So if you want to end an interview, that’s all you have to say and that will be it.”

There are speculations around the internet about why Nickelback receives a persistent hate. Their association with Roadrunner Records, a label company famous for making deals exclusively with metal bands, is given as one of the reasons. It is further claimed that Roadrunner didn’t accept Nickelback’s failure, so they fabricated  successful sales for the band. Nickelback’s genreless songs are another point on the list.

In a May interview, Chad was rather optimistic about the negative criticism, claiming that it kept them alive throughout the years:

“All the detractors, all the haters, all the keyboard heroes, they have no idea how much they keep us in the press loop. It’s hilarious. Those people that would love to see us go away, if they really wanted to see us go away, they would just shut up. We’ve really kind of spun this whole negative thing into a positive thing. And here we are.”

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