Justin Hawkins Supports Paul Stanley After Lip-Synching Scandal

After KISS’ lip-syncing allegations, Justing Hawkins analyzed the video in question and stated that he supports the band and Paul Stanley no matter what because their performances are not only about their vocals.

On June 6, KISS performed in Belgium during their End of the Road world tour, and according to a fan video, the band’s guitarist and vocalist Paul Stanley were caught lip-syncing. The alleged instance occurred when the drummer Eric Singer mistakenly forgot to rest for a measure, which messed up Stanley’s vocals. The singer then moved away from the microphone, but his vocals continued.

After this incident, ex-KISS member Ace Frehley called them out on one of his performances and said he does not lip-sync. This incident created a massive controversy because, in 2015, Gene Simmons dissed those who use pre-recorded vocals and still charge the fans the same amount as a live show. Many people didn’t care about Stanley using pre-recorded tracks but blamed Simmons for being a hypocrite.

The rock star and YouTube content creator Justin Hawkins talked about this event in his recent video, and he said that KISS is a group that is a pioneer for stage acts and performances. They have proved themselves repeatedly, and using pre-recorded tracks to help them at the age of 60 and 70 is nothing terrible. He explained lengthly that at this point, fans would go to see them because they’re KISS, not because they are singing perfectly. Hawkins supported the band for still being active and having the same energy as they used to when they were younger instead of dissing them for using backing tracks.

Here are Hawkins’ words on the KISS scandal:

“Do the fans care? I mean, you’re paying a lot of money for a KISS gig. But what you’re paying for is the spectacle of it. It’s an immersive multi-sensory experience. It’s not just about people of a certain age singing their asses off. Although I think a lot of the show is that. The shows I saw were three years ago, and it was live singing and exciting. It wasn’t perfect, but it was brilliant. Obviously, I wasn’t at the show we’re talking about now.

Evidently, there’s some doubt about how much of it was some people singing their asses off. But the remarks that Gene Simmons made in 2015 about not feeling good about having sung on backing tracks when you’re charging a hundred dollars for a ticket. That was 2015; that is a long time ago. When you get to 60, 70, and beyond, seven years is a long time, and a lot can change in seven years.”

He added:

“These guys are pioneers. Look at their show. It’s still one of the greatest things you can experience, regardless of how much live singing is happening. So you gotta ask yourself, what are you going to a KISS gig for? You’re going to watch Paul Stanley struggle, or you wanna see him kicking ass in his comfort zone and doing the stuff that he can still do well and then having a little bit of technology to help him in the moments when he can’t and then still go home with a huge grin on your face because you’ve seen something that’s truly spectacular.”

You can watch Hawkins’ video and Stanley’s scandalous video below.