Carmine Appice Slams Nikki Sixx, Challenges Him To A ‘Jam-Off’

Carmine Appice slammed Nikki Sixx in a recent interview with The Logan Show.

Previously, the drummer challenged Sixx to a ‘jam-off’ to prove who was the better musician. Appice revealed that the bassist never contacted him about the challenge:

“No. And that whole thing was so messed up because I didn’t mean to do anything. When I was doing an interview about the BBA [Beck, Bogert & Appice] record that was coming out, the guy said, ‘What do you think about this? And why do you think Mick left?’ So I just told him what Mick told me. Mick didn’t say, ‘Don’t say anything.’ I just told him what started that whole war that’s still going on. It was unbelievable. I was reaching markets I never was in before, and I was seeing myself in this one that one.”

Appice Thinks Nikki Didn’t Start Anything

Later, the musician revealed he has known Nikki for a long time since they toured together. They used to hang out but he hasn’t talked to Nikki recently. He feels that Nikki has become less friendly since becoming famous. Carmine added:

“So when he started that stuff, and he called me a has-been drummer, I said, ‘You f*ck. What did you start? Give me something that you started in this industry. I can tell you a bunch of stuff I started that’s still going on. What did you start?’ That’s why I challenged him. I never heard anything back. Because I was a has-been drummer, he said.”

Carmine Didn’t Expect A Feud With Nikki

The argument between Sixx and Appice started when the drummer talked about Mick Mars leaving Mötley Crüe. Appice said Mars was unhappy using tapes instead of playing live and didn’t get along with the band. Nikki then called Appice a ‘washed-up drummer,’ and Appice replied by saying at least he can play his instrument well. The rocker also addressed Sixx’s comments in a chat with Blabbermouth:

“I didn’t expect it. I was talking to somebody like I’m talking to you, and they asked why Mick left. I just said what Mick told me. I didn’t expect anything, but then it got out of hand. Then Nikki [Sixx] called me a ‘washed-up drummer.’ I’m far from that! I used to know Nikki. We were good friends. We lived around the corner from each other when they were doing their first or second album. We used to go to a ’50s café and have breakfast.”

In a September 2023 conversation with Heavy Magazine, Appice also said he was surprised by the feud with Nikki because he thought they were friends.

You can watch Carmine’s full interview below.