Carmine Appice Reacts To Nikki Sixx Calling Him A ‘Washed-Up Drummer’

Carmine Appice recently made headlines with his statements about why Mick Mars left Mötley Crüe. Apparently, Nikki Sixx wasn’t happy with the drummer’s comments as Appice sat down with Blabbermouth and shared what surprised him about the situation. He explained:

“I didn’t expect it. I was talking to somebody like I’m talking to you, and they asked why Mick left. I just said what Mick told me. I didn’t expect anything, but then it got out of hand. Then Nikki [Sixx] called me a ‘washed-up drummer.’ I’m far from that! I used to know Nikki. We were good friends. We lived around the corner from each other when they were doing their first or second album. We used to go to a ’50s café and have breakfast.”

Appice had shared what he and Mick talked about during an interview with Ultimate Guitar, where the drummer said that Mars wasn’t happy with only using tape when he could play them live. He even spoke about not getting along with the rest of the band, which rubbed Nikki the wrong way.

Before Nikki’s comments about himself, Carmine thought of Sixx as a friend in the industry, but either way, the drummer is very happy with the amount of press he’s been getting lately; he added:

“We had a song with King Kobra called ‘Raise Your Hands To Rock.’ He loved the name. He took that name and wrote another song, and gave me the credit on the album. They used my bass drums on the album. We were friends. For him to say stuff about me — I didn’t say anything that people didn’t know. Now I thank him for giving me a lot of press.”

However, when asked whether keeping long-term friendships in the music business is challenging, the drummer replied:

“Sometimes. This was weird. I talk about it during the storytelling gigs because I actually got a cease-and-desist letter from the attorneys. I can’t talk about it, but everyone agrees with what I said about Mick. Mick made it clear I was fine. Everything I said, he said. I wasn’t lying about it. It was a weird thing. I never expected anything like that.”

You can read Carmine Appice’s interview with Blabbermouth here.