David Crosby Says Roger Waters Doesn’t Appeal To Him At All


David Crosby recently responded to some of the fans’ questions on Twitter about other musicians. In one of these tweets, he revealed that he doesn’t like Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters as he doesn’t appeal to him very much.

David Crosby is known for his admiration of David Gilmour’s music. The duo even worked together as Gilmour’s third solo album ‘On An Island,’ released on March 6, 2006, featured the collaboration of Crosby. The CSNY icon and Graham Nash contributed to the album with their backing vocals on the title track.

Following the release, Crosby got on the same stage with Gilmour on various occasions to promote ‘On An Island.’ Gilmour’s following solo studio album titled ‘Rattle That Lock’ also included Crosby and Nash’s backing vocals. Crosby’s fans really appreciated this collaboration and wanted the pair to continue working together.

Recently, one of his fans tweeted Crosby to tell him about his appreciation of Gilmour’s ‘On An Island,’ and asked him his opinions on Roger Waters. Although Crosby is quite close with Gilmour, it seems he doesn’t really like Gilmour’s former Pink Floyd bandmate.

In a tweet as a response to the fan, Crosby said that Waters doesn’t really appeal to him at all. Another fan of him then asked whether there was an issue between the two, such as Waters hurting him. However, Crosby revealed that there hadn’t been an incident between them to trigger his opinions about the musician.

One of his fans asked David Crosby the following:

“I was so pleased by David Gilmour’s ‘On An Island.’ For me, it was so advanced and had the appeal of an all-the-way classic wonder. What about Waters then? Is he good? Is he cool?”

As a response, Crosby said:

Does not appeal to me at all.

Another fan then asked:

“He hurt you, didn’t he?”

Crosby said:

“Who? Roger? No, I just don’t like him.

You can check out the tweets below.