Bruce Kulick Discusses 80’s Dilemma: Michael Bolton Or KISS?

During a recent interview, Guitar World asked guitarist Bruce Kulick whether he would have chosen Michael Bolton over KISS in the ’80s if the singer’s attempt at hair metal were successful. He answered the question as follows:

“Probably not. I was loyal to Michael after Blackjack ended, and Billy Squier was even pretty upset that I chose Michael over him in the early ’80s. But joining Kiss was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and when Paul Stanley asked me, there was no doubt I’d give it a shot.”

The guitarist also commented on Bolton’s 1985 record by saying:

“But ‘Everybody’s Crazy’ was a fun song, and I had a great time doing it. But it didn’t do what it should have commercially. It caused Michael to re-examine his career and reinvent himself. But it’s a great anthem.”

Years after his decision to join KISS and departure from the band in 1996, Kulick found himself sharing the stage once again with his former bandmates Gene Simmons and Eric Singer back in May. The trio played ‘Deuce’ during the performance, which the guitarist posted on Twitter with the following caption:

“‘Deuce’ with some KISS moves at the end (naturally)! Yesterday, the show for the KISS fans was so much fun for all! “

Now, both KISS and Bruce Kulick have upcoming plans underway. The band is getting ready to hit the road to go on with its farewell tour while their ex-member has a lineup of concert dates until November.