Gene Simmons Reveals His Possible New Career Path After KISS’ Farewell

As the countdown to the grand finale of KISS‘s farewell tour begins, Gene Simmons is already embarking on a brand-new venture. Apparently, he is not one to rest on his laurels.

According to Simmons’ recent tweets, Simmons/Hamilton Productions, the newly minted production company, has big plans. Their vision is to create action-packed thrillers that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats, and they’re starting with ‘Deep Water.‘ This venture will see Renny Harlin, director of the unforgettable 1999 shark-infested thriller ‘Deep Blue Sea,’ once again dive into the treacherous waters of shark-dominated thrillers.

In one of his statements, Simmons spoke highly of his partner, Hamilton, acknowledging him as an invaluable contributor who has brought a deep understanding of the filmmaking industry to their venture. The bassist, who has always embraced thrilling adventures, then admitted he is clearly thrilled and eager to kickstart this new journey.

As reported by, Gene Simmons said the following:

“Throughout my storied history in the music business, I’ve met all sorts of characters, but Gary Hamilton is the real deal! He’s a remarkable film executive and a great collaborator who, along with the fantastic team at Arclight Films, brings his expertise and outstanding knowledge of the film industry to this partnership. I am pumped and excited to be launching ‘Deep Water’ as our first project together with the action maven Renny Harlin at the helm.”

With the sunset of KISS’s career on the horizon, Simmons is gearing up to invest his energy into this promising production company. The bassist’s recent tweets promoting the project show his commitment to this new adventure, as he is set to produce around 25 feature films in the future.