Tobias Forge Shares The Guitarists He Would Like To Replace

Ghost is enjoying the success of ‘Impera,’ which recently won the Favorite Rock Album award at the last AMA. The leader of the band, Tobias Forge, who is on the rise in his career, recently participated in an interview with Classic Rock. When asked to name the guitarist he would want to be for a day, the rocker’s answer was ready.

“I would have loved to be what Mick Taylor was in 1969, coming into the Rolling Stones at their best era – but I would have stayed around,” exclaimed Forge, and the legendary Stone was his first choice. “That would have been a great experience. Very fun music to play.”

However, the vocalist modestly noted that he is not a guitar virtuoso and added, “Definitely within the limits of what I can play really well. I spent a lot of time as a kid learning how to play guitar. Otherwise, I would love to play in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I love what John Frusciante does.”

Ghost made four more albums before the hit ‘Impera.’ All of their records followed a thematic line, and this has become one of the band’s trademarks. In line with keeping up with these themes, they are constantly ‘changingtheir frontman. Forge first appeared on stage as Pope Emeritus I through III, then became Cardinal Copia, and finally, he returned to the persona of Pope Emeritus IV.

At first, we didn’t know that this demonic anti-pope was Tobias Forge because one of Ghost’s core principles was anonymity. However, with a lawsuit in 2017, we learned that Forge, who has been involved in many underground acts before, is the Ghost leader. Since then, the frontman has started to be frequently mentioned as the fresh blood of the metal scene, both with his talent in different instruments and his vocal success.