Greta Van Fleet’s Sam Kiszka Explains Why He Performs Barefoot

Greta Van Fleet bass guitarist Sam Kiszka spoke in a recent interview with Tennessean and revealed the real reason why he performs without any shoes.

If you are a fan of Greta Van Fleet, you probably should have noticed that Sam always performs barefoot on stage, and he has even posed like that in lots of band pictures.

In the conversation, Sam explained why he prefers going on stage barefoot and why it helps him perform even better than wearing casual shoes. According to Sam, it is the best way to play the pedal bass.

As Sam said, ‘you can feel the pedals’ when you are barefoot as you can feel where you are without looking at it. In this way, Sam can divide his focus and perform better on the stage while handling the other things.

Furthermore, Sam recalled the first time when he took off his shoes and said that there was no reason to put them on once he started playing bass guitar because he could feel the bass notes ringing out through his feet.

Sam Kiszka revealed the real reason for performing barefoot during his recent conversation:

“That was the best way for me to be playing pedal bass because you can feel the pedals. You know where you’re at without looking because you’re doing three other things at any given moment.

And so I started taking my shoes off there, then there was no point to put them back on when I went over and played bass. And it felt right…. I found that I could feel the bass notes ringing out through my feet. That was the connection I always looked for being onstage.”

Later in the conversation, Sam also talked about their second studio album named ‘The Battle At Garden’s Gate’ and pointed out that they needed to do such a record because they wanted to create new things.