Skid Row’s Erik Grönwall Breaks Silence Over Sebastian Bach Dissing Him

The current Skid Row singer, Erik Grönwall, talked about being compared to other vocalists and shared his thoughts on former frontman Sebastian Bach’s comments about him.

In the most recent episode of his YouTube video series, where he responds to questions submitted by fans,  Grönwall was questioned about his feelings regarding the frequent comparisons to Bach from the classic era. He said:

“I really don’t care if I’m compared to other singers. I think it’s just part of the fun. And people will always have their preferences and their opinions. And that’s okay.”

Despite the constant comparisons, the rocker has no negative thoughts for the former singer. Asked whether or not he has spoken to Bach at all since becoming the frontman of the band, he replied:

“No, I haven’t. And I’m gonna say this. I have nothing but respect for Sebastian and what he did on. especially the first two albums, because they’re favorites of mine. I grew up listening to those albums, practiced my singing to those albums, so what he did on those albums, and especially ‘Slave To The Grind’, is, according to me, top 10 best vocal performances in rock and roll history. I love that album.”

Apparently, there have been times when Bach made a few posts where he was dissing Grönwall. Contrary to the former frontman, the current frontman had nicer words for Bach:

“If I were to meet him somewhere, I would love to just shake his hand and introduce myself and say ‘thank you for the inspiration.’ Obviously, I’ve seen some posts where it says that he’s jabbing at me, but that’s just fun.”

Bach’s Sarcastic Remarks On Grönwall

The Swedish-born Grönwall took place in the competition ‘Swedish Idol’ in 2009, where he sang a cover of ’18 And Life.’ Fast forward to 2022, the rocker was ultimately asked to front Skid Row.

Bach had previously made a joke about Skid Row during his October 2022 performance aboard the ‘Kiss Kruise’ Before playing ’18 And Life.’ He remarked:

“This is the song that started it all for me, like two years ago, on Swedish ‘American Idol.’ This is a song… I want you to sing along the words. This is called ’18 And Life.'”

He later made a similar joke during another show. In July last year, Bach made a thinly sarcastic reference to Grönwall before performing the same track at the Northern Lights Music Fest:

“This next song started it all for me. “When I sang it on Swedish ‘American Idol,’ my whole life changed immediately. All right, man. This is a song called ’18 And Life,’ mothertruckers.”

Some Think The Band Would Make More Money With Bach

Bach served as the frontman for Skid Row until 1996 when he was fired. Rather than giving up, the remaining members decided to take a break and briefly played together in a band named Ozone Monday. Since his departure, some fans have consistently favored Bach over any other singer the band has ever hired.

Bassist Rachel Bolan and guitarist Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo have consistently played down the likelihood of returning with the former frontman, with Bolan stating last year that a reunion wouldn’t significantly increase the band’s current earnings. He said:

“A lot of people say, ‘You can make so much more money’ [by reuniting with Sebastian] — well, not a lot of people, but a few people — and it’s not that much more. It’s really not that much more.”

You can see Grönwall’s recent video below.