Peter Frampton Announces He Will Tour With His Son Again In The Summer Of 2021

Rock musician Peter Frampton celebrated the 32nd birthday of his son and singer, Julian Frampton, by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account.

To celebrate this special day of Julian, Peter shared a picture of themselves where they were hugging each other on the stage after performing together and smiling towards the audience.

Furthermore, Peter wanted to make an announcement and revealed that they were able to play in front of the audience once again this summer and excited the fans.

While Peter was mentioning the coronavirus outbreak by saying that it was a really tough year for everyone, he hoped that everybody can look forward as they do and showed his love for Julian once again.

Here is what Peter Frampton wrote:

“Happy Birthday to my son Julian. We will finally be together again this summer. It’s been a tough year for so many families having to be separated. Now we can look forward to time together. I hope many of you will be able to do the same. Love you Julian.”

You can check out the post below.