Brian May Supports Stella McCartney And Her Campaign To End Animal Cruelty

Queen’s Brian May shared a few posts on his official Instagram account to express his discontent with Boxing Day, which is a traditional hunting event. Later on, May also showed his support for Stella McCartney, who demands the ban of the day.

Anti-hunting campaigners have criticized Boxing Day for a while. Although hunting foxes with packs of dogs was banned in 2005, the protesters consider that legal trail hunting is used as a cover, and the killing of foxes has never stopped. Animal rights activists have been trying to make their voices heard to reveal the absolute truth behind the day.

The Beatles legend Paul McCartney’s daughter Stella McCartney also showed her support to animal rights advocates and demanded the ban of Boxing Day. She is a huge supporter of animal rights and tries to raise awareness about this topic in her fashion designs and shows. She recently encouraged her followers to sign a petition to save innocent animals and stressed that it is everyone’s moral duty for a better world as all people need to protect nature.

Brian May is also very outspoken on social media, and he had shed light on the brutality of Boxing Day last year as well. A few days ago, he shared a post to encourage his followers to sign the same petition and recently shared some photos taken on Boxing Day, indicating that trail hunting is a lie. He explained that hunters have continued killing the foxes for pleasure and called for urgent action.

Following that post, May shared Stella McCartney’s post on Instagram and congratulated her for being sensitive about this topic. He also added that he wishes all these campaigns will help end this cruelty. Brian May stated that what Stella does is great for humanity, and he hopes that she will keep doing that.

Brian May’s IG post read:

“Bravo Stella! Hoping all the concerned campaigns can collaborate on a new push forward to end this appalling cruelty. More power to ya and all your great humane work. Bri”

You can check out the photo he posted below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram