Ted Nugent Shares The Formula Of Beating COVID-19 In A Short Time

Veteran rocker Ted Nugent has made an appearance on his wife Shemane’s Youtube live stream and explained how he managed to beat the COVID-19 without following the regulations suggested by the officials.

As you might recall, Nugent previously claimed that the coronavirus wasn’t as dangerous as the officials suggested every chance he got. Since the beginning of the global pandemic, Ted denied wearing masks or keeping a safe distance from other people since he simply didn’t believe in the existence of such a deadly virus.

However, last week, the well-known musician announced that he was tested positive for COVID-19. Nugent stated that he was experiencing the symptoms of the disease quite harshly. He even mentioned that he thought he was going to die because of the disease which caused him terrible pain and shortness of breath.

Recently, during Shemane Nugent’s live stream on Facebook, Ted responded to his wife’s question about wondering the secret of how he recovered from the coronavirus so quickly. In his response, Nugent shared the formula to beat the COVID-19 easily which involved eating lots of organic vegetables and taking vitamins. He stated that he has been taking lots of vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin C, B12, and more throughout his life and suggested that having a strong body is the key to ‘knocking the shit out of this Chinese virus.’

Here is what Ted Nugent said:

“I eat smart — I eat in smart proportions — and I eat wild game and I eat organic vegetables by the bucketful. I have good natural juice that Shemane makes for me. We take the Isagenix, a type of vitamins.

And, of course, since the Wuhan virus assault took place way back in 2019, we have pounded the zinc… All my life, I’ve taken the B12, vitamin D — D fortifies your immune system — a solid C, and now I’m taking the elderberry, and I take zinc every day.

And I was on the hydroxychloroquine and the ivermectin and the steroids, along with those good vitamins, and I knocked the shit out of this Chinese virus after about a week.”

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