Ann Wilson Thinks Heart Is Not Done Yet, Hints At New Music Plans

Heart might come back with new music.

In a recent conversation with TribLive, Ann Wilson shared the good news for Heart fans about a new album:

“I would imagine so. I think so. We’ve only just recently gotten into this tour, so the whole idea in doing it was to see how it worked and see how it feels and see if we get ideas for new songs. And because these Tripsitter guys that are in the band now are excellent songwriters and they have great musical ideas, and Nancy and I are both, well, especially me, I’m a lyricist, so I’m always looking for great musical ideas. I think that’ll happen.”

Wilson Is Eager To Work On New Material

Heart released their latest album, ‘Beautiful Broken,’ in 2016. In an interview with Billboard last month, Wilson again stressed her intention to make a new record:

“The thing that we really hope to achieve is to maybe write some more stuff together. We don’t have plans for that right now. We don’t really plan too far in the future; we’re not calculating like that. We’re just gonna do this tour and see what comes. But I think if a song comes out of a situation, it’ll be a real good one, ’cause it’ll be authentic. It’s just a matter of me and Nancy getting our heads around that.”

The rocker also revealed in the Billboard chat that Heart has been working on a new song called ‘Roll the Dice,’ written by Ann and her longtime collaborator Sue Ennis. They also included it in some shows of their ongoing Royal Flush Tour. Nancy Wilson and Ennis started it as a songwriting project, exchanging ideas over texts and meeting up to record demos.

Heart’s tour continues in the United States. The band will head to Europe in June. After European dates, they will return to the States at the end of July. Royal Flush Tour will go on until the mid-December.