Chuck Burgi On Why Ritchie Blackmore Is Impossible To Read

Chuck Burgi recently sat down with Rolling Stone and shared the story of how he became a part of Rainbow and Ritchie Blackmore‘s initial attitude toward him. The drummer recalled:

“I’m old friends with Joe Lynn Turner. He called me up and said, ‘Listen, we have a tour coming and a record to do. Ritchie [Blackmore] is not happy with the present drummer [Bobby Rondinelli]. Would you be interested in doing a jam?‘ I went, ‘Yeah, I’ll show up.’

Even though Chuck thought the jam session went well, Blackmore was indifferent through the whole thing as the drummer revealed:

“I went to a jam out in Long Island. I thought it went really well. Ritchie was in a very, very non-communicative mode that day. When we were done playing, he just unplugged and walked out. I remember looking at Joe and [bassist] Roger [Glover] and going, ‘Well, I guess that went well.’ They laughed and went, ‘Don’t worry. That’s just him.’

That was my first experience with Ritchie. He didn’t even look at me while we were playing. He just stared down at the stage. Then he didn’t even thank me or anything. He just put his guitar down and walked out.”

Chuck was right about his instincts, Ritchie did pick another drummer, but before he knew it, he was on a plane to join Rainbow and work on the next album ‘Bent Out Of Shape.’ He added:

“About two weeks later, I get a call late my time and probably really early over there. It was drunken Roger and Joe going, ‘Dude, you have to get on a plane over here. We’ve been going two weeks and don’t have one take with this guy.’ So I went and talked to their management the next day and flew out to Copenhagen without any idea of what I was doing or getting into.”

You can read Chuck Burgi’s Rolling Stone interview here and listen to ‘Bent Out Of Shape’ below.