John 5 Recalls The Intimidating Reaction Of Gene Simmons When They First Met

Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 remembered the first time when he met with KISS bassist Gene Simmons and revealed what the bassist did after he wanted his autograph during his recent interview with No F’n Regrets.

KISS released their eleventh studio album entitled ‘Lick It Up’ on September 23, 1983. The album was the beginning of the band’s unmasking era in which they decided not to wear their iconic make-ups for a while. As a support for the album, the band started their Lick it Up World Tour on October 11, 1983, and ended on March 17, 1984

The tour was KISS’ first performance without their make-up and can be defined as a very different experience for their fans. Therefore John 5, who has been a huge fan of KISS since he was a little boy and has an insane KISS collection including a pinball machine, posters, jewelry, guitars and more, didn’t surprise his fans when he said that he went to a KISS concert alone at the age of 13.

In the recent interview, John 5 recalled the time he went to see KISS at their concert in Detroit at the age of 13. While he was waiting for the band, he saw Gene Simmons walking close to the venue. So, he decided to get closer to Gene while he was about to take the elevator and asked him to sign his booklet.

Although John 5 was expecting Simmons to show some sympathy for his little fan, the KISS icon responded in an intimidating way and asked if the kid wanted him to sign his booklet. Apparently, John 5 didn’t get the reaction he wanted from the rock icon and simply said no to Gene’s question out of embarrassment.

John said in his interview that:

I met KISS on the Lick It Up Tour. I was 13 and I was waiting there all day. I was a little alone in Detroit. I’m waiting, here comes Gene and walks right by me of course. Listen if I see someone waiting for me as a kid, I’m gonna sign something, take a picture. So he walked me I was like ‘F’ck this’ and I got in the elevator because I thought to my self ‘what are they gonna do, beat me up on this little kid?’

He’s standing like this with his bodyguard. I have my original booklet, KISS originals, and have a pen. I’m like ‘Mr. Simmons can you please sign this?’ and he just stood there. I was so upset and the door opened and he goes ‘Do you want me to sign that for you son?’ I said ‘No it’s okay.’ True Story.”

You can watch the interview below.