Brian May Says Freddie Mercury Never Complained About Passing Away Too Soon

Queen guitarist Brian May gave a recent interview to Newsweek in which he claimed that Freddie Mercury had no complaints about departing from this world so soon.

Back on November 24, 1991, the legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury passed away, aged 45. His cause of death was complications from AIDS, and it came as a shock as the singer kept his health status private after being diagnosed. In fact, even when it surfaced, Mercury didn’t want to talk about his diagnosis.

Before his tragic death, Mercury continued working on music with Queen until the disease took over him. After concluding his career with Queen, the rock icon retired to his home and began to show severe disease symptoms. He started to lose sight, and couldn’t leave his bed.

At that point, Mercury decided that it was time to end all of his sufferings. He refused to take medication to hasten his death and chose his time to die. Following that, Mercury prepared a public statement to confirm his AIDS diagnosis. Only a day after issuing the statement, the musician passed away at his home.

Talking about Mercury’s battle with AIDS, Brian May told Newsweek that the frontman was the bravest man he has ever met. Moreover, the guitarist stated that Mercury never complained about passing away too early. According to what May said, Mercury just focused on his work, which was the only thing in his mind.

Brian May told Newsweek that:

“Freddie was the bravest man I’ve ever met in my life. He never complained about the prospect of leaving this planet much too soon. He just got on with his work, he loved his music, and that’s all he wanted to think about.

If he were alive, the iconic frontman Freddie Mercury would have turned 75 this year on September 5. Although he passed away too soon, the legendary musician left an outstanding legacy behind, which continues to entertain and inspire millions today.