Amy Lee Recalls How Evanescence Was Forced To Add A Male Voice To ‘Bring Me To Life’


Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee spoke in a recent interview with Alternative Press and talked about one of the most iconic songs, Bring Me To Life.

Bring Me To Life is the lead single for Evanescence’s debut studio album, Fallen, that released in 2003. The song features guest vocals from Paul McCoy, and it peaked 5th place on Billboard Hot 100.

In the conversation, Amy Lee mentioned the record label forced them to use a male singer for this legendary song and said that it was pretty hard for her because she was against having a male vocalist.

Furthermore, Amy revealed that the company even wanted a male singer to become a permanent member of the band and try to make them a ‘female Linkin Park,’ but Amy rejected the offer in the end.

Here is what Amy Lee said:

“I was really, really against having any male vocal in our music. That was really hard. And it was an idea that came from the label. And it suddenly all became about ‘Bring Me To Life’; they decided that was the song. I actually didn’t think that should be the first single; I wanted it to be ‘Going Under’.

They came up with this idea about having something in there that would be familiar to listeners in order to get us on the radio. I didn’t really understand what that meant.

The original fight was that the label wanted us to hold auditions and bring somebody into the band full-time to sing on most of the songs and make it a thing — try to be the ‘female Linkin Park.’

And I was, like, ‘I’ll think about it,’ for, like, an hour, and then we called them back, and I was, like, ‘We can’t do that. It’s not gonna happen. I’d rather start over. It’s just not who we are. And I don’t want that.’”

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