Iggy Pop Explains Reasons Behind Shutting Down AC/DC

Iggy Pop revealed that he was once approached to be the vocalist of AC/DC. In a recent interview with the New York Times, the rocker claimed they made him an offer, but he refused. The reason behind this was that he didn’t see himself as fit for the position.

“They had a manager many years ago when I hadn’t reformed the Stooges; I hadn’t moved to England,” the musician recalled the times he got the offer. “And this guy said, ‘Are you interested in joining AC/DC?’ They were looking for a singer.”

Pop continued, “I listened to their record. I thought, I can’t fit that bill. I wasn’t, like, ‘Ugh, I don’t like them.’ It was quite well made. They do careful work, but I’m not what they needed.”

The singer did not reveal when this offer came, so we don’t know whether AC/DC had approached him after Bon Scott’s death or before. Pop just revealed that he hadn’t reformed the Stooges. As the band split a few times, it is hard to guess the exact time.

As you know, Bon Scott wasn’t actually in AC/DC’s original lineup, even though it felt like it was. When Malcolm and Angus Young formed the band in 1973, they had Dave Evans as their vocalist. However, things were not going the way they wanted with him. Then, they crossed paths with Scott, and with the joining of the missing piece in 1974, AC/DC’s sound found its distinctive tone, and they made their mark on the rock scene with this lineup.