Gene Simmons On Why Paul Stanley Is Much Happier With KISS Coming To An End

While chatting with Goldmine Magazine, KISS bassist Gene Simmons disclosed why his bandmate Paul Stanley is quite content with the cult band finally concluding their career.

The act had previously announced their decision to embark on one last journey with the ‘End of the Road’ world tour, and Gene Simmons had agreed that it was time to retire. In his recent interview, the musician expressed great appreciation for his long time with his bandmates and fans and repeated that they had made the right decision. As the rockers acknowledged that this tour will be their last one, it seems like they’ve let themselves enjoy it to the fullest.

At some point, the host said they had recently attended a KISS show and were surprised to observe that Paul Stanley smiled more than usual. Gene commented on Paul’s increased enthusiasm by revealing that his bandmate is glad they can bid farewell to their fans while the band can perform well.

Simmons addressed Stanley’s apparent happiness as follows:

“Considering we started in ’73 and we’re in the year 2022 now and probably by 2024 we’ll be done. That’s enough. Fifty years is enough for anybody. And also, out of respect and love for the fans, you want to get off the stage while the getting is good; you’ve got to have a sense of pride and know when it’s time.”

Besides disclosing that Paul’s chirpiness was related to KISS’ chance to celebrate their five decades-long career, Gene likened their situation to fighting in a ring. He said that champions have to quit while they can still celebrate their victories, and the band feels lucky to commemorate the past with their last but graceful  ‘matches’ on the rock scene.

The rocker explained:

“You don’t want to be some of the champions of all time who stayed in the ring too long and got knocked out. It’s ‘quit while you’re on top.’ Of course, everything comes to an end at some point, and you’re lucky and blessed if that last lap around the track is your victory lap. You celebrate the past.”

You can watch one of KISS’s recent shows below.