Kane Roberts Explains The Only Possible Scenario He’d Replace Nita Strauss

Kane Roberts, the guitarist who temporarily filled in for Nita Strauss during her hiatus from Alice Cooper’s band last year, recently opened up about the circumstances under which he would consider replacing her again. In an interview with Miles ‘The Shoe’ Schuman, Roberts primarily discussed the knee injury that Strauss suffered early last year and how it led to discussions about his possible involvement in a few more shows. However, he emphasized that it was always with the understanding that Strauss would return to the band once she recovered.

Nita Strauss originally joined Alice Cooper’s band in 2014 and quickly became a fan favorite. She took a break from the band last summer to join Demi Lovato’s touring band, stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing new challenges. Strauss’s temporary departure was filled by Roberts, who had previously played with Cooper. Alice Cooper was extremely supportive of Strauss’s decision, encouraging her to explore new opportunities and assuring her that her spot in the band would be waiting for her upon her return.

Roberts recently shared his thoughts on the situation, stating that while he enjoyed playing with Cooper and the band, he didn’t necessarily feel like the perfect fit for the 2023 incarnation of the group. The musician expressed that he would only consider stepping in for Strauss again if an emergency arose and Alice Cooper’s band needed him. He and Alice mentioned how amazing it would be to play in South America. However, it was always with the understanding that Nita would return when ready.

Here is what Roberts said about replacing Strauss:

“I think that [Nita] injured her knee or something [early last year]. So I think that’s what it was. In case of an emergency, [the idea was floated that] I might have to do a few more shows. I think that was all it was. And that’s what we were talking about. And Alice and I were talking about going to South America and playing; how cool that would be.

But it was always under the umbrella that she’ll be back [ready to return]. And I’m really glad — I’m glad they worked it out. I’m not sure what was going on, but they did work it out. The stars are in alignment again; his band is back together. So that’s good.”

As for Nita Strauss, she’s back and ready to rock the stage with Alice Cooper once more, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the dynamic duo reunited on their upcoming tour. Roberts is also truly happy that they resolved the situation. So, metalheads, get ready for a wild ride as the nightmare returns in full force!