The Stunning Details Of Chester Bennington’s Addiction That Led To His Suicide


Mostly known as the lead vocalist of the band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington is credited by numerous sources as one of the greatest rock vocalists of his generation. According to an article on Billboard, Chester Bennington was the one who turned nu-metal universal and he was placed at number 46 on the list ‘Top 100 Metal Vocalists Of All Time’ by the magazine Hit Parader.

After the release of Linkin Park’s debut ‘Hybrid Theory’ in 2000, the album which was a worldwide commercial success, Chester Bennington has become renowned as a vocalist. That album was certified diamond in 2005 and became the best-selling debut album of the decade. Linkin Park’s following albums ‘Meteora’ released in 2003 and ‘One More Light’ released in 2017 contributed greatly to the band’s success.

As a side project, Bennington has formed a band named ‘Dead By Sunrise’ and on October 13, 2009, their debut album ‘Out Of Ashes’ was released. He later became the lead singer of the band Stone Temple Pilots in 2013 but left the band to direct his focus on Linkin Park only. Apart from being a successful musician, he also appeared in several films such as ‘Crank,’ ‘Crank: High Voltage,’ and ‘Saw 3D.’

As he had revealed every time possible, Bennington was suffering from depression and substance abuse since his childhood. Deeply saddening the music industry, his fans, family, and friends, he ended his life on July 20, 2017, as a result of suicide by hanging.

Bennington’s Friend Recalled His Alcohol Addiction, The Main Reason That Led To His Suicide


Looking through Chester Bennington’s life story, one can easily see the unfortunate incidents that fueled his depression resulting in suicide. Bennington is known to have an emotionally unstable father, and his relationship with his family was not on good terms during his childhood. He resorted to drug and alcohol abuse to escape from his struggles from a very young age.

Bennington then couldn’t pull himself together when his marriage with his first wife ended with a divorce, as he drank too much to the extent of not being able to function after the incident. Along with those, he was also deeply affected by the tragic death of his close friend Chriss Cornell who also died as a result of suicide by hanging.

Moreover, his close friend and former Dead By Sunrise bandmate Ryan Shuck has recalled the final moments of the musician and told Rolling Stone in August 2017 that Bennington was sober for six months before he committed suicide. He remembered the time when Bennington has texted him a series of text messages as Shuck had also battled with alcoholism, describing his own hour-by-hour battle with the addiction. Shuck then considered it horrifying as Bennington has told him he was taking alcohol hour-by-hour every day.

In one of his last interviews before his tragic death, Bennington also gave hints about his fight with his inner demons. As he told music journalist Will Lavin back in 2017, he was at a point in his life that he can either give up and die or fight for what he wants. It is very sad that he has chosen to give up, leaving his family, his friends, and fans heartbroken with his tragic and sudden death.