Brian May Receives Backlash After Joining Hunting The Clean Boot

Most things are a gamble in today’s social media to see whether people will understand the actual intention or choose to criticize it. Brian May might have lost it for a brief few hours before explaining to people on Instagram for what purpose he joined Hunting the Clean Boot.

May initially wrote to showcase that the ‘hunting’ would be without bloodshed, “So beginning our day Hunting the Clean Boot. (I’ll explain as we go along) here are the ‘foxes’ for the day – gallant souls indeed. Sam and Catherine will be running as the ‘prey’ on this day of Great Clean Hunting Fun. Following them will be a pack of bloodhounds – following their scent.”

He continued, “And following them, a group of horse riders. But these are not the red-coated blood-thirsty fox hunters of history. These are compassionate riders. Anne and I are proud to support these decent, brave folks. No animals will be hurt today. No blood will be shed. But the riding will be tough and exhilarating. Follow us!”

As someone preserving nature and wildlife, the criticism he received shocked the guitarist. So he posted again to explain what he was doing in detail to avoid confusion. He wrote, “I’m actually appalled that many people commenting on this post just don’t get it. Do you think I would support a blood hunt? The whole point of Hunting the Clean Boot is that these riders have turned their back on cruelty – they ride, they pursue, but their quarry is a man or a woman, or in this case, today, both.”

The musician also added, “There is no abuse of animals – no bloodshed. The dogs are not foxhounds, trained to be vicious destroyers of foxes, but floppy-eared bloodhounds follow the human scent with uncanny precision; the most damage they will inflict on any creature is a good licking. This is why I am plugging away, trying to get people to understand what is happening.”

He further explained, “These clean boot hunters are good people, compassionate, and caring for their animals and wild animals. We, who care about animals, need to support these people – not vilify them. Byron, who you see on his horse, looks like a fox hunter – but he gets way more abuse from blood fox hunters than from you guys! Why?”

The Queen icon then noted, “Because this kind of hunting is decent, big fun, and legal – so it will hasten the demise of blood sports – because there is now no excuse for getting kicks from killing an animal. Byron is a very brave man, changing Britain for the better by standing up for his beliefs.”

Brian May concluded his words by saying, “A stirring speech from the boss – Byron John is the master of the entirely non-blood- sport Three Counties Bloodhounds – and all is ready.”

Even though the guitarist received backlash for being involved with the idea of ‘hunting,’ May chose to explain the real aim behind Hunting the Clean Boot. He asked his fans to be aware of their words as this sport doesn’t revolve around hurting the animals and shouldn’t be confused with fox hunting, which is prohibited in Great Britain. This is a legal sport with people coming together to have a good time.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram