David Bryan Reacts To Jon Bon Jovi’s Retirement Plans

In a recent chat with New Jersey 101.5, David Bryan talked about Jon Bon Jovi’s words on retirement.

When the interviewer asked how he felt when Jon mentioned possibly retiring if he couldn’t continue, the keyboardist explained:

“You know what? I’ve always been, we’ve always been like, we laugh in the face of adversity, you do. So I mean, our band has been through some pretty heavy adversity. And this was just another. I’ve had operations Tico [Torres] has, you know, we support each other.”

He shared his support for the Bon Jovi frontman:

“I’m there for Jon every day, you know, I’m there. We were there. Me and Tico lifting him up. When he felt like he was falling down. You know, we’re like, you can do this. And you need your brothers and arms to fight. You know, so we always fight together. So I know we’re gonna, it will be a happy ending.”

What Did Jon Say About Retirement Before?

Jon has been dealing with problems with his vocals for a few years. It isn’t known whether he will continue performing live. In an April interview with the Sunday Times, Bon Jovi mentioned one thing he needs to retire from music:

“But I want to perform for two and a half hours a night, four nights a week — and I know how good I can be, so if I can’t be that guy … put it this way, I don’t ever need to be the fat Elvis.”

The singer added:

“This is the first time I’m saying this. If the singing is not great, if I can’t be the guy I once was… then I’m done. And I’m good with that.”

Still, Bon Jovi also gave fans some good news in late May. During a chat on BBC’s The One Show, he talked about his vocal cord surgery and how he’s doing. He said he’s doing well and on the road to recovery. He even mentioned singing in his hotel room. He’s excited to get back to performing live and has been checking out venues he’s played before.