Tom DeLonge Is Working On New Music, Also Gives The Title Of A New One

Angels & Airwaves lead vocalist and guitarist Tom DeLonge shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing that he has been working on a brand new song and he already gave the song a temporary name, ‘Dissco,’ and all fans want to know is the release date at this point.

As many of you know, Angels & Airwaves released their latest and fifth studio album, ‘The Dream Walker’ on December 9, 2014. The album generally received positive reviews both from critics and fans in addition to debuting at number 39 on the Billboard 200 within the first week.

It has been more than 6 years and fans have been waiting for a new album with running patience, however, Tom DeLonge announced the thrilling news via a post on his official Instagram page a few days ago. Finally, the band is going to release their sixth studio album which was in the making for years.

In addition to the announcement, DeLonge also revealed a sneak peek from the album in his post and raised the expectations of his fans all of which were already quite thrilled by the news, by stating that the upcoming album is going to be just epic.

Here is what he said:

“This new Angels & Airwaves album is epic…

After the exciting news, Tom DeLonge shared another post on his official Instagram page announcing that he is done recording another song from the upcoming album of Angels & Airwaves in addition to revealing that he already has a temporary name for the track, ‘Dissco.’

Here is what DeLonge said:

“So I finally sang, and resang, rewrote, and resang- again… And now it’s awesome. This specific song has the (temporary) biblical name of ‘DISSCO‘”

You can click here to see the Instagram post.