Ronnie Radke: I Feel Guilty About Machine Gun Kelly

Ronnie Radke feels sorry for attacking Machine Gun Kelly in the past.

During a recent appearance on Blair White’s YouTube channel, the Falling In Reverse singer clarified the issue between him and MGK:

“I’ll go and defend him and like literally almost get into a fight with the entire band over it and defend him. Then I’ll defend him over this and I’ll defend him over that and then I’ll go on TikTok and make a joke like I’ll say something about blackout tattoos and then it looks like I’m hating on him.”

MGK And Radke Had A Chat

The singer shared Jelly Roll’s and his friend’s words on Kelly:

“It made me feel bad because Jelly Roll came to my trailer and told me that MGK reminds him of me. And then, one of my best friends of 15 to 17 years hung out with him. He’s a business dude and he goes, that’s the first thing he said as well.”

Radke went on to talk about why he felt guilty against MGK:

“Jelly Roll is like, ‘Bro, he’s a good dude,’ and I see that. I’ve known MGK for a long time. We go way back to Warped Tour and stuff. So, MGK called me and he wanted to talk to me. And he did and he just came off so authentic and genuine to me and it made me feel straight up guilty.”

Ronnie’s Previous Statements On Kelly

Radke previously noted that their single ‘Voices in My Head’ wasn’t targeting Kelly, despite some fans thinking otherwise because of the violent music video. Radke explained in an interview with Loudwire Nights that the song wasn’t meant to mock MGKy, and he was surprised by the speculation.

Earlier this year, MGK released a new custom guitar with Schecter, but it faced criticism due to its razor shape. Ronnie defended it, questioning the double standards in criticizing it. MGK, in response, stated that art is open to interpretation and expressed disappointment in how people perceive him.

You can watch Radke’s full interview below.