Oli Sykes Feels Bad About Losing A Key Member Of Bring Me The Horizon

Oli Sykes has finally opened up about his former bandmate Jordan Fish, saying it felt like losing a limb.

In a new interview with Kerrang!, the frontman said his former bandmate was ‘a massive part’ in the band’s latest record, ‘POST HUMAN: NeX GEn.’ He explained:

“At first, it felt like it was going to be like losing a limb, to be honest. Just because Jordan was such a massive part in the record, and I’ve grown as a musician with him over the last 10 years. And there’s no doubt that he’s an incredible producer.”

Some rockers might trash-talk behind their former bandmates’ backs. However, Sykes says he will never do so since Fish taught him a lot during their time together:

“I will never say a bad word about Jordan in terms of the creativity he brought. He taught me to sing. He taught me so much about music, and I think he’d probably agree that I taught him a lot in a different way. But I always knew what I wanted. I always have a vision with our albums and our songs. And so it doesn’t really matter who we’re working with or whatever – we’ll get there, one way or another.”

Jordan Fish’s Departure

The band’s newest album ‘POST HUMAN: NeX GEn’ was written and recorded after Jordan Fish left the band at the end of last year. Since he was both a producer and a musician who understood Sykes’ vision during his time with the band, his departure raised questions about how BMTH would continue.

As seen through their reactions on social media, fans were disappointed by the announcement of Fish’s departure. Many shared concerns about how the news was delivered and the potential impact on the band’s future sound.

Fans were also confused about whether Jordan Fish was fired or left the band voluntarily. Additionally, some were stoked to see Fish live with the band before his exit. The band will soon go on tour, and it’s not official if they have found a replacement for Fish.

You can hear the recently released album down below.