Duff McKagan’s Daughter Grace Shares Iggy Pop’s Greatest Lesson

Grace McKagan recently revealed that her greatest source of inspiration in the music industry has been Iggy Pop. McKagan expressed her admiration for Pop in an interview with Nylon magazine, acknowledging his impact on her career and personal life.

The newbie rockstar’s first solo EP, ‘Heart of Hearts,’ arrived last year following her tenure as the frontwoman for the Pink Slips. The record signaled her burgeoning status in the garage rock genre, a status further substantiated when she joined Iggy Pop on stage at the Pearl in Las Vegas on April 29.

In the interview, Grace shared her feelings about working with Pop, a figure she has learned a lot from. She expressed her appreciation for this experience and credited Iggy Pop as her primary source of inspiration.

When asked what going into a show with Iggy Pop was like, Grace replied:

“My gratitude for this experience is limitless. Iggy is my biggest inspiration, and he provided comfort in times of my deepest self-doubt and insecurity. His kind, punk heart has reminded me, and so many others, to live authentically and disregard what negative things people may project onto you.”

McKagan clearly appreciates the rocker’s genuine and rebellious nature, which she believes has taught her and many others to live authentically. She emphasized the significance of not letting others’ negative perceptions affect one’s own self-image, which seems to be another lesson she learned from Iggy.