Brian May Gets Emotional While Recalling His Work With Charlie Watts And Paul Rodgers

Queen guitarist Brian May paid tribute to the late The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts by recalling their collaboration on Instagram.

Earlier in August, The Rolling Stones announced that Charlie would not continue the ‘US No Filter Tour’ due to a problem with his heart, and he was temporarily replaced by Steve Jordan. Unfortunately, the drummer was announced dead on August 24 at the age of 80.

Back in 1996, Brian May, Charlie Watts, and Paul Rodgers collaborated in ‘Rock Therapy,’ and they covered the song named ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ featured in Return of the Champions.’

Following his death, Brian was devastated and shared his feelings on social media. As Brian said, Charlie was one of the nicest guys people can ever meet and showed his respect for the late musician.

Later on, the Queen guitarist decided to pay his tribute to Charlie by recalling their record, ‘Reaching Out,’ and honored the legendary drummer with this song once again.

Brian May recalled the collaboration on Instagram:

“‘Reaching Out’ – in memory of dear Charlie Watts.

‘Rock Therapy.’ Written by Andy Hill and Don Black. On vocals, Paul Rodgers; on lead guitar, me; on rhythm guitar Andy Fairweather-Lowe; on drums – the great Charlie Watts. RIP Charlie.”

You can listen to the song below.