Brian May Gets Emotional After Seeing Freddie Mercury Playing His Guitar

Brian May and Freddie Mercury had an unbreakable bond — so the Queen icon’s loss greatly affected him. Recently, the guitarist came across a 1977 backstage footage in an Instagram post, where Freddie took his guitar to play. As it appears, this brought back emotional memories for May.

Throughout the years, Brian May and Freddie Mercury contributed significantly to the band’s success. Apart from making music together, they were also close friends who stood by each other’s side through thick and thin. For that reason, the singer’s death in 1991 had a devastating impact on May.

After losing his dear friend, May focused on solo projects to cope with the pain. As of now, he, Roger Taylor, and Adam Lambert are keeping the Queen legacy alive. However, May didn’t forget Mercury through all those years and expressed his sadness for not having him around whenever possible.

Recently, Brian May came across a fan’s Instagram post, which featured a 1977 footage of Queen spending time backstage. In the video, Freddie Mercury is seen playing May’s guitar. Seeing this affected the guitarist emotionally, and he shared his recollections of that day with the fans.

May’s Instagram post read:

“I’ve been a bit mesmerized by this little clip posted by Melina – (thanks – I told you I might have to pinch it!) It stirs so many memories from long-forgotten corners of my mind. A moment in time, in rehearsals for a very early tour, grabbing a sandwich, some orange juice, finding things to smile about, laugh about, think about.

You might not recognize, in the red top, John Harris – our very first Queen roadie, a great soul dedicated to his calling – in the off-white top, Big Rich – super guitar tech of his day, poached from Mott the Hoople, but now sadly gone to Heaven, and next to him a young lad who came with him from Mott, universally known as Ratty, who handled Freddie’s microphones, etc.

In the pale blue Queen shirt, Roger’s drum roadie of the time, known as Crystal. I think you will recognize the other young guys. But how unusual to see the particular guitar Freddie is picking out a riff on… So tell me – what tour was this? What was the date? And where did this clip surface from?”

So, Brian May got quite emotional when he saw Freddie Mercury playing some riffs with his guitar in the footage. Upon seeing the video, it seems like the guitarist returned to those days and lived that moment again.