Dave Grohl Names The Nirvana Album Which Makes Him Feel Uncomfortable


Dave Grohl’s biography ‘This is a Call’ is being revised and republished in September. In the new edition, Dave Grohl revealed that it’s not easy for him to listen to ‘In Utero’ and stated that it makes his skin crawl.

Grohl left Nirvana in 1994 to form his own band Foo Fighters. Foo Fighters received as much appreciation and love from fans as much as Nirvana did, and that band allowed Grohl to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the second time. The Foo Fighters’ singer has led a successful and exciting life with Nirvana and with his solo work along with Foo Fighters.

In 2011, his biography was released, and it included exclusive interviews and sincere thoughts about his life. Without a doubt, the most thing that grabbed attention is his opinions about Nirvana and the tea that almost led the band to fall apart. The biography has been revised and the new edition will be released on September 2. In this new release, he revealed that he cannot listen to ‘In Utero’ because it is ‘so real.’

Here is what he fully said about ‘In Utero’:

“‘Nevermind’ and ‘In Utero’ are two totally different albums, ‘Nevermind’ was intentional, as much as any revisionists might say it was a contrived version of Nirvana, it wasn’t. We went down there to make that record, we rehearsed hours and hours and hours, day after day, to get to ‘Nevermind.’ But ‘In Utero’ was so different.

There was no laboured process, it was just… bleurgh…it just came out, like a purge, and it was so pure and natural. And both of those things I’m very proud of, the structured exercise of making an album like ‘Nevermind’ versus the reckless purge of making an album like ‘In Utero.’ If you can make one of those albums in your lifetime, you’re lucky. We got two in a row, and that’s awesome.

Obviously ‘In Utero’ was a direct response to the success and sound of ‘Nevermind,’ we just pushed ourselves in the other direction, like, ‘Oh really, that’s what you like? Well, here’s what we’re going to fucking do now!’ But it is a hard album for me to listen to from front to back. Because it’s so real, and because it’s such an accurate representation of the band at the time, it brings back other memories, it kinda makes my skin crawl. It’s funny, I spend a lot of my time planning things to come, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking back on things I’ve done. But In Utero, man, what a trip.”

‘In Utero,’ released in 1993 was Nirvana’s final studio album. It grabbed attention with a switch of style from ‘Nevermind.’ Nevermind had a more clear sound whereas ‘In Utero’ was more chaotic and included many different sounds and moods. The album received 5x platinum and also sold 15 million copies worldwide. Kurt Cobain committed suicide a year after the release of the album, and Nirvana disbanded after the saddening event.