Brian May Announces An Upcoming Live Show At Coliseum With Kerry Ellis

Queen guitarist Brian May took his official Instagram account to share a new video and made an exciting announcement about his upcoming show.

As you might remember, Brian collaborated with Kerry Ellis lots of time in the past, and the duo released two albums together. In 2013, they released’ Acoustic By Candlelight,’ and ‘Golden Days’ released after four years.

Back in March 2021, Brian and Kerry released a new music video, which is a re-recording version of ’It’s Gonna Be All Right (The Panic Attack Song), named Panic Attack 2021 (It’s Gonna Be Alright).

After a short period, Brian made another announcement and thrilled the community by saying that he will be on the stage alongside Kerry in the coliseum and they will bring two brand new songs for them.

Here is what Brian May wrote:

“Something nice is coming on Sky Arts. A live show at the beautiful Coliseum. Kerry Ellis and I will bring you two special songs! This production is full of class – beautifully staged – can’t wait to enjoy the whole thing.”

You can check out the post below.