Brandon Flowers Admits He’s In A Crisis With The Killers

The Killers just released their new single ‘Your Side of Town.’ Even though there is a new single that fans can listen to, frontman Brandon Flowers shared with The Sunday Times that they scrapped the new album that was supposed to come out. He said:

“Halfway through recording I realized, ‘I can’t do this.’ This isn’t the kind of record… I think this will be the… I don’t think you’ll see us making this type of music any more.”

The singer revealed that halfway through the album making process he realized that he had other visions for what he wanted the new album to sound like. Brandon explained:

“This is the crisis I’m in. The Killers are my identity and our songs fill the seats, but I’m more fulfilled making music like [2021 album] ‘Pressure Machine.'”

Although Brandon shared that he is happy with The Killers classic hits, he’s not that 20 year old anymore. He added:

“I found a side of myself writing it that was strong. This was the guy I’d been looking for! I’m as proud of ‘Hot Fuss’ as you can be for something you did when you were 20, but I’m not 20. So I’m thinking about the next phase of my life.”

With this new stage of life and the new single that just released, Brandon shared that he’s open to the idea of making music for smaller venues. In the meantime the band is on tour playing a run of festival dates. After dates in the U.K. and Ireland in late August and early September, they will come back to North America to play festivals. You can get more information about tickets here.

You can read Brandon Flowers’ interview with The Sunday Times here and listen to ‘Pressure Machine’ as well as ‘Your Side of Town’ below.