Paul McCartney Says It Was ‘Pathetic’ That The Beatles Broke Up Due To Business Stuff

The Beatles’ icon Paul McCartney recently spoke about his band’s breakup and revealed his feelings towards the reason. He stated that the entire thing was weird, and it was a shame to get it to an end because of business-related problems.

The Beatles were formed in 1960 and rocked the world with their genius songs for ten years until they dramatically broke up in 1970. After releasing their album, ‘Abbey Road,’ John Lennon decided to leave the band and caused the tension that would last in the years to come. Lennon was blamed for the Beatles’ breakup most of the time, mainly because he let his wife Yoko Ono join the rehearsals and recording sessions, which the rest of the band members did not appreciate.

After the breakup, McCartney and Lennon ‘diss tracks’ to each other. While Lennon wrote ‘How Do You Sleep’ to McCartney later in his solo album, ‘Imagine,’ and McCartney fired back with ‘Too Many People.’ Their friendship had seemed indestructible during the Beatles years, but as soon as they broke up, their differences got the best of them.

Over half a decade has passed since their break up and 42 years since Lennon’s death. However, it looks like McCartney still can’t get over and make his peace with why his band broke up. In a recent interview, he stated that the Beatles disbanded because of business issues was pathetic. He said that he had accepted Yoko Ono coming to the rehearsals, but after everything went down, Lennon got ‘nasty.’

Here are McCartney’s words about the Beatles breaking up:

“It was all a bit weird and a bit nasty, and I basically said, ‘Let’s be sensible. We had a lot going on for us in The Beatles, and what actually split us up is the business stuff, and that’s pretty pathetic, really.

The thing is, so much of what they held to be true was crap. ‘War is over,’ well no, it isn’t. But I get what [they were] saying, war was over if you want it to be. So if enough people want the war to be over, it’ll be over? I’m not sure that’s entirely true, but it’s a great sentiment.

I had been able to accept Yoko in the studio, sitting on a blanket in front of my amp. I worked hard to come to terms with that, but then when we broke up, and everyone was now flailing around, John turned nasty. I don’t really understand why. Maybe because we grew up in Liverpool where it was always good to get the first punch in the fight.”

It seems like no matter how long it has been, Beatles will always be a part of McCartney’s life that he goes back to remember. Even though there are countless interviews, documentaries, biographies, and interviews about the band, even in 2022, the band continues to answer unknown facts and feelings about that ten years of their lives.