Bruce Springsteen Says He’s Confused About The Requirements For Proof Of Vaccination


Now that Broadway has reopened and accepts vaccinated audiences, Bruce Springsteen’s show ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ has kicked off once again. In a recent interview with North Jersey, he shared his thoughts about the vaccination requirements for the audiences.

‘Springsteen on Broadway’ was one of the shows that were affected by the Covid-19 outbreak and took a break for 16 months. The show’s return excited many people, but the world has changed drastically after the 2-year pandemic. There are new rules and guidelines everywhere globally, even on Broadway, such as the vaccination requirement.

In his recent interview, Bruce talked about his Broadway performances and feelings. The legendary musician also spoke about those who refuse to be vaccinated or protest masks and lockdowns. Springsteen said that he understands those people sometimes because they are just scared and in the dark.

Here is what he said:

“Hundreds of thousands of people died. It can be hard to know what to do. Obviously, I’m in favor of everybody being vaccinated, and that’s why the show is the way that it is. Plus, I’m responsible for the safety of my audience. But it’s hard, confusing times, so I actually have some feelings for the folks who were outside.”

He didn’t forget to state that he is not an anti-vaxxer himself, as he feels responsible for the safety of the people around him and his audience. He thinks it’s not worth taking the risk, but he still thinks that the whole situation can be confusing and feels bad for those who cannot attend Broadway shows because they refuse to get vaccinated.

Springsteen’s answer was mild compared to the reactions of other musicians such as Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider. As you may recall, Snider called those people who protest against lockdowns ‘selfish assholes’ for putting everyone’s safety at risk. On the other hand, Paramore’s Hayley Williams also criticized an anti-mask protest, and stated that she doesn’t understand how those people can believe in religion yet not follow simple guidelines.

You can see Snider’s and Williams’ tweets below.