Tobias Forge On Dave Grohl’s Secret Performance With Ghost

Ghost frontman Tobias Forge recently spoke to and revealed that Dave Grohl once joined Ghost in disguise for one of their performances.

Apart from working with Foo Fighters as the singer, guitarist, and primary lyricist, Dave Grohl has also contributed to various artists’ projects as a musician or producer. In 1997, he played several songs with David Bowie for Bowie’s 50th birthday show. Moreover, Grohl has lent his drum skills to artists like Killing Joke, Tony Iommi, Tenacious D, and Nine Inch Nails.

As a metal music fan, Grohl once also wrote and recorded several songs for a metal project. He recruited some of his favorite metal vocalists for recording, including Lemmy Kilmister, King Diamond, Max Cavalera, and Scott Weinrich. They then released the project in 2004 under the name Probot.

One of Grohl’s favorite metal bands is known to be Ghost. The drummer produced their EP ‘If You Have Ghost’ and contributed to several songs on the EP, playing rhythm guitar for ‘If You Have Ghosts’ and drums on ‘I’m A Marionette’ and ‘Waiting For The Night.’ As it turns out, Grohl even performed with them for a show wearing Nameless Ghoul’s stage outfit.

In a recent interview, asked Tobias Forge whether the rumors about Dave Grohl performing with them as a Nameless Ghoul were true. Upon hearing this, Forge confirmed Grohl got on stage with them, wore Ghoul clothes, and played drums with the band in a Ghost concept.

In the interview, asked Tobias Forge the following:

“Is it true or false that Dave Grohl has dressed up as a Nameless Ghoul and performed with Ghost?”

Forge then responded:

“I’m going to have to answer your question from a very legal point of view, where I say yes. He has technically put on Ghoul clothes and played drums together with us in a Ghost concept.”

So, it appears that Dave Grohl is a fan of Ghost, and he produced and contributed to their EP ‘If You Have Ghost.’ According to Tobias Forge, Grohl also had a chance to hop on the same stage with them in disguise to play drums with the band.