John Fogerty Wishes To Inspire Musicians To Fight For Creative Ownership

Get busy taking back control over your life because life is too short to wait for others to give it to you. Take John Fogerty’s long fight over his own music and the big win of acquiring publishing rights over his tracks as an example of dealing with difficult situations. Fogerty took to Twitter to thank Michael Noland for his kind words and to advise up-and-coming artists that creative ownership is more important than anything else.

“In recent years, we have seen the opposite, haven’t we?” Noland said in the clip about Fogerty regaining the rights to his art. “We have seen major acts even, but here we have John Fogerty. To me, folks, this is a true artist in every sense of the word. These are his paintings; these are his creations; these he wants control over them.”

He added, giving the singer’s long battle as a perfect example for the young artists, “If we can develop, and with John Fogerty setting an excellent example, in up-and-coming artists to really hold on and be stingy with their properties and to be very careful, this can only be for the better.”

Upon seeing this video appreciating him, Fogerty wrote on Twitter, “Thank you, Michael Noland, for your words! My story inspires other musicians to fight for their creative ownership. Without our songs, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do!”

Although some more prominent names have sold their music for large sums of money, Fogerty wanted full control over his creations and their use in the industry. His decision to buy a majority interest in the global publishing rights to his historic CCR catalog showed everyone that he was a warrior who would fight for his rights to the end. Congratulations, John Fogerty!