Billy Sheehan Explains How U2 Achieved Worldwide Fame In A Few Years

In a recent interview with Rocking With Jam Man, Billy Sheehan recalled the time when has a member of a local band named Talas and seeing U2 during the very first years of their career. Sheehan clarifies how U2 gained international fame and commercial success even though they were an opening band a short time ago.

Billy Sheehan started his professional musical career in a local band called Tallas. The band was very popular in Buffalo who were performing concerts as the headliner band at Stage-One club which was owned by Harvey Weinstein. Talas had countless opening bands while they were playing in the club and one of them became more popular and successful than them.

U2 was a brand new Irish band when they became the opening band of Talas. Then, U2 started to become a very popular and commercially successful band with the help of their debut studio album entitled ‘Boy’ which was followed by ‘October’ and ‘War.’ The band began their own tours after the release of their iconic albums, and apparently, Sheehan couldn’t forget the time when he attended U2’s concert in the Rich Stadium.

During the interview, Billy Sheehan revealed that no one believed him when he said U2 was an opening band of Talas a few years ago until the band members shared this memory themselves. He stated that U2 started at the bottom and finished on the top with the help of their finding the perfect sounds and lyrics. According to Billy, these are the main reasons behind their achieving worldwide fame and success.

Sheehan remembered these times saying:

An unknown band from Ireland called U2 was coming through town, and we played regularly every Monday night as a headliner, and then they’d have other bands come and open up for us.

So they told us one night, ‘There’s a band gonna open up for you guys, they’re called U2.’ And I go, ‘Isn’t that the name of a submarine?’ – because U2 was a submarine in World War II. They go, ‘No, it’s this band from Ireland.’ I go, ‘OK…’ Nobody had ever heard of them, they’re brand new, it was their first tour.

So they got up on stage and played, they sounded good, and The Edge left me a little note in the dressing room thanking us because we let them use our PA and monitors and took good care of them – no problem. And we told people later on when U2 became famous, and they said, ‘It’s impossible, U2 open up for Talas? You’re crazy! Maybe you opened for them.’ ‘No, no, I swear – it was them, opening for us!'”

He went on:

“So, years later, U2 played in the Rich Stadium, which is the stadium the Buffalo Bills are playing – huge sold-out show, and they mentioned it on stage. They said, ‘The first time played at Buffalo, we were surprised, because there were people there, probably because we were opening up for a band called Talas.’ And the whole stadium had their jaws dropped, and they said, ‘Well, it was true after all…’

So they were very nice to mention that, and then a friend of mine at Buffalo bootlegged the show and sent it to me, so I have the recording of Bono saying that. It was pretty cool. They were a great band, and it’s funny, what makes a band catch the public’s interest or not, they just had the right ingredients, the right songs, the right sounds, and I’m very happy for them. They’re wonderful people.”

You can watch the interview below.