Gary Holt Reveals The Only Thing He Agrees With Ted Nugent These Days

Exodus and Slayer guitarist Gary Holt revealed the greatest non-metal albums for metal music listeners during a recent interview with Revolver Magazine and shared his opinion about veteran rocker Ted Nugent.

In the conversation, Gary put lots of records from the musicians such as Prince and Robin Trower, but he wanted to pick a live record from Ted Nugent instead of a studio record because of how great musician Ted was back in the days.

Gary suggested everybody listen to Ted’s ‘Double Live Gonzo’ album. Before praising the beauty of this record, Gary stated that Ted is one of his rock heroes and he even made Gary pick up the guitar.

Furthermore, Gary pointed out that they don’t agree with Ted socially and politically, but they are pretty on the same page about the music. Then, he mentioned that ‘Double Live Gonzo’ is such a phenomenal live record.

According to Gary, people should listen to the ‘Wang Dang Sweet Poontang’ song and watch how Ted is shredding the guitar. Gary mentioned that even he couldn’t play it properly back in the days.

Later on, the 57-year-old guitarist claimed that Ted is kind of an insane person right now and touched upon the fact that it is almost impossible to explain to someone who Ted Nugent was back then.

Gary Holt revealed his thoughts about Ted Nugent in the interview with Revolver:

“While we’re on the subject of live albums, I would have to go with Double Live Gonzo. Love him or hate him, he is one of my heroes; he made me pick up a guitar. Ted Nugent and I don’t agree on very much at all, but we agree on the beauty of a Gibson Byrdland electric plugged into a wall of Fender Twins.

It’s a fucking phenomenal live record. People wanna talk shit, or they wanna rage about this shredder or that shredder; but dude, listen to Ted’s solo on ‘Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.’

I try to play it and my hands are tired halfway through, and he’s just shredding — it’s just ripping rock guitar playing from start to finish. He’s kind of insane now, so it’s hard to explain to someone who wasn’t there back in the day. But Ted Nugent ruled my high school; he was Number One above all else.”

Further in the conversation, Gary also added Discharge’s  ‘Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing’ album and stated that this album inspired his music point-of-view so much.