Eddie Van Halen’s Wife Is Having Hard Times As She Mourns The Death Of Her Mother

The late guitar legend Eddie Van Halen’s wife Janie Van Halen posted pictures of her deceased mother on Instagram and opened up about the difficulties of coping with so many losses at the same time and not having her mother by her side.

As you might know, the professional dancer/wrestler, Janie Van Halen, had to deal with many deaths in her family for the last couple of months. Earlier in June 2020, Janie Van Halen announced the death of her brother, Tom Liszewski, by sharing a picture with him on her Instagram account.

Later on October 6, 2020, Janie’s husband, Eddie Van Halen, sadly passed away after his long and vicious battle with cancer. Eddie’s son Wolfgang announced the loss of his father with a heartbreaking statement he shared on social media platforms. Shortly after losing her husband, Janie hit rock bottom when her mother passed away on November 23, 2020, nearly two months after Eddie’s death and five months after Tom Liszewski’s death.

Recently on Instagram, Janie Van Halen posted some pictures of her beloved mother and opened up about how difficult it has been to cope with so many losses throughout 2020. Janie mentioned that her mother was her rock and admitted that she couldn’t understand why she was taken away especially when she was needed the most.

In the caption of her post, Janie also stated that she misses her mom since she was a person full of positivity and energy. She also mentioned that dealing with so many losses at the same time made her confused to decide for whom she should grieve sometimes. Since her brother, husband, and mother passed away in the same year, Janie said that she had to grieve for them all at the same time even though she had some hard times doing so.

Here is what Janie Van Halen wrote in the caption of her post:

“I miss my mom so much. She was my rock and the person who absolutely knew me best. The one who I could call and talk to for hours, who could make everything ok. She was a fierce, 5-foot bundle of energy and positivity. I still can’t comprehend why she was taken away when she was needed the most.

Maybe broken heart syndrome is a real thing and she just couldn’t take it anymore, I don’t know. What I do know is that I miss my mom and these past 2 months, the past 3 months and the past 7 months have sucked immensely. Sometimes it’s hard to separate who I am grieving for at any given time when the losses were so close together, I’m grieving for them all.”

As you might recall, a week after losing her mother, Janie Van Halen shared a heart-melting video of her mother on Instagram which was taken while she was dancing. In the caption, Janie said her mom was the most amazing person and she affected every single person she met in such a positive and loving way. She also admitted that she still can’t believe her mother is not there, but she is so thankful she was her mom while calling her the rock and greatest support through the toughest times.

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