Billy Idol Cancels Upcoming Shows Due To His Continued Sinusitis Infection

English musician Billy Idol has been receiving treatment because of a health issue with his sinuses. Idol, who canceled some of his concerts before, shared another announcement on Twitter. He stated that he had to cancel some of his upcoming events because of his medical condition.

Previously, because he had surgery due to a sinus infection during his Freedom Tour with the band Journey, Billy Idol had to cancel the tour. The fans have supported him by sharing their good wishes on social media. Idol shared a tweet saying he was healing well.

Later on, Idol shared his condition with his fans, saying he had to continue receiving oral medication. Although fans were upset about Idol’s situation, they felt relieved because he was only receiving medicines. He said on his Twitter account that he would take antibiotics and feel better after this.

However, Billy Idol posted a new tweet mentioning he had to cancel the upcoming concerts in Atlanta and Florida because of his continued medical condition. Idol stated that he needed more time to heal, although he expected to get better. Billy expressed his sadness to his fans as he had to cancel the shows. Idol also added that he would go to Georgia and Florida another time.

Billy Idol’s tweet read:

“Due to my continued sinusitis infection, I’m disappointed to announce that I must cancel my appearance at both Shaky Knees in Atlanta on April 29 and at Hard Rock Live in Florida on May 1.

When we confirmed these shows, I was sure that I would have recovered in time to play, but unfortunately, this infection has proven pesky and lingering, requiring some more time before I get back out on the stage.

To all the fans who were looking forward to these gigs, I’m very sorry to miss them. Canceling shows is not something I do casually.

We’ll no doubt come back to Georgia and Florida another time soon. Sincerely, BFI.”

You can see the original tweet below.