Billy Idol Shares A New Update About His Recovery Process


After having surgery and withdrawing from an entire tour, Billy Idol updated his fans about his current health condition. He recently stated that he needs to continue oral medication, and he is expecting to be okay after treatment.

The rock singer Billy Idol recently faced a health issue regarding his sinuses. Idol had announced that he had surgery for his sinus infection on February 19 and stated that he was healing well. Because of this condition, he had to cancel his headlining tour Freedom with Journey and was replaced with TOTO for their tour. This announcement was made the first week of February, and Idol was gutted to cancel his act in the tour. However, he wasn’t responding to medicine and had to rest.

Although he announced that he was healing after his surgery, the singer recently posted another update that made his fans upset. He stated that he needed to continue to take antibiotics and revealed that his infection was MRSA. It was a relief to read that they are just oral medicine, and he will only use them for two weeks. He also expects to be okay after using them.

The fans were distraught as most bought tickets to see Idol and not Journey in the Freedom tour. They expressed their sadness below the tweet. However, they were mainly concerned because the antibiotics for MRSA may have uncomfortable side effects, but the singer didn’t mention that he had experienced any of these side effects yet.

Here is what he said in his update tweet:

“Medical update correction: I have to take a further two types of antibiotics to beat this MRSA sinus infection, no intravenous just by mouth. 2 more weeks to go yuk! Still, I should b okay after this.

You can read his update tweet below.