Billy Idol Got Surgery And He’s Getting Better

The iconic name of the rock and roll world, Billy Idol recently canceled his tour with Journey due to increasing health problems with his sinuses. The singer recently announced on Twitter that he underwent surgery and updated his fans about his condition.

The rock band Journey recently announced their Freedom tour with Billy Idol commencing towards the end of February. However, Billy Idol’s health problems became an obstacle in his way of performing with the band. Over two weeks ago, Journey announced that TOTO will be joining them on tour, and Idol’s name was removed from the posters. Hence, his fans wondered what was up.

Not long after, Idol announced that he had to withdraw from the tour due to his sinus problems that aren’t healing with medication. He seemed very upset at the announcement on Instagram and stated how disappointed he is that it had to be this way. His fans and other musicians supported him in the comments section.

Recently, Idol updated his fans from his Twitter account about the infection that restrained him from performing this year. He only briefly stated that he had his surgery and that he was healing well. His fans wished him to get well soon underneath his tweet. Some fans even stated that they had only bought ticked to see him even though TOTO and Journey are also good. However, the disappointment of not seeing Idol on stage was heavy.

Here is Idol’s tweet:

“Had my sinus surgery on Wednesday healing well.”

The fans also mentioned the worst situation where they thought about Idol’s passing. They stated that he is too young to leave them so they were glad to hear that he is healing. Others just related to his surgery from their own experiences and gave Idol advice. In general, all of his fans supported him through this time of need.

You can see Idol’s tweet below.