What Happens If A Metal Drummer Plays Over A Children Music, Here’s The Hilarious Result

Recently, a video of a metal drummer performing at a children’s music concert in a pink cat costume and totally killing it while staying on a beat to a children’s song went viral and everybody wants to know who the drummer is who goes by the name ‘Nyango Star.’

For those of you who don’t know, Nyango Star is a heavy metal cat mascot that is one of Japan’s most popular. He’s extremely adorable and he absolutely shreds on the drums, he’s very metal. Nyango Star gained international fame when a video of him performing became an instant meme in 2018.

He’s currently been helping to boost the economy of rural Japanese towns whose population is rapidly declining due to the fact that the population there is decreasing at more than two times the national average since older generations pass away and younger generations constantly migrate to cities.

A Youtube channel shared the performance of Nyango Star in a children’s music concert which made numerous people share thousands of comments under his deadly cute performance. Many made hilarious jokes about the absurdity of a man playing drums in a pink cat costume, while some considered it quite natural.

Here is what was written under the video:

“This video has been clinically proven to help with depression.”

Here is what a fan said:

“He isn’t wearing a costume, he just transformed into his true form

Here is what another said:

“When you have a children’s music show at 5, but a metal concert at 6 and don’t have time to warm up for the concert…”

You can see the video of Nyango Star below.