Axl Rose’s Suicide Attempt And Struggle With Depression Were Revealed By Guns N’ Roses Manager

During a recent conversation on the Appetite for Distortion Podcast, Guns N’ Roses’ former manager Doug Goldstein opened up about Axl Rose’s troubled time in the late ’80s and about how he managed to prevent Axl Rose from committing suicide.

As you may have heard, just over a month ago, a new documentary named ‘Axl Rose: Guns NRoses Frontman‘ appeared on the Reelz Channel. One of the speakers in the documentary was the band’s former manager Doug Goldstein who talked about Axl Rose’s mental health issues and suicide attempt.

In a recent interview, Goldstein was asked about how it felt disclosing such sensitive information in front of a camera, to which he responded by saying that all he did was provide insight into what Axl was going through emotionally and mentally in the late ’80s, when Guns N’ Roses was working on ‘Use Your Illusion.’

Goldstein said that he has spent a long time trying to explain to people why entertainers often go through depression and said that it’s understandable as one day they’re praised by hundreds of thousands of people while performing on stage, and the next day they find themselves alone in their apartment without anyone to talk to them or take care of them.

The former manager said that his brother, who was only 6 years older than Axl, also struggled with depression and had attempted to commit suicide numerous times. That’s why Goldstein was experienced and was capable of helping Axl during this difficult time. He also said that because Axl’s suicide attempt happened when he was old enough to handle it, he was ‘able to effectively intervene in a positive way.’

Here’s what Doug Goldstein said during the interview:

“As it relates to talking about the suicide attempt, I wasn’t doing that to be anything other than giving an explanation as to his state of mind during a major portion, particularly of the ‘Use Your Illusion’ [era] and to give some credence to – you’re not alone.

There are boatloads, and boatloads, and boatloads of Guns N’ Roses fans who go through a similar depression. And to understand that here’s a guy who can go out and entertain in front of 220,000 people, and go home and be alone with nobody looking after him or praising his accolades…

It’s a massive depression that one goes through, and it’s not just him, it’s entertainers in general. I have this conversation with a lot of people who go from particularly the loved ones – when he comes home, there’s this massive adjustment.”

This is what Goldstein said considering his feelings when talking about Axl Rose’s suicide attempt:

“I was reliving my own history as well. My brother’s birthday is a day before Axl’s accident. He passed 10 years ago, and he tried to commit suicide a number of times – and I was too young to do anything about it.

With Axl Rose, I wasn’t too young to do anything about it, and I was able to effectively intervene in a positive way.”

Click here for the source and you can watch the trailer of ‘Axl Rose: Guns NRoses Frontman‘ below.