Mike Portnoy Takes His Beatles Fanboying To Another Level With Twisted Sister Guitarist’s Gift


Dream Theater’s former drummer, Mike Portnoy, recently posted a photo on his Twitter account and expressed his excitement for getting an amazing gift from his friend, Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French who’s also a very big Beatles fan.

As you know, Mike Portnoy is one of the most well-known musicians in the rock scene, and although he achieved worldwide fame as the drummer of Dream Theater, he’s also very famous for his side-projects such as Liquid Tension Experiment and Transatlantic.

However, aside from a rock artist, Mike Portnoy is also a huge rock fan, and in specific, he’s crazy about the Beatles. Recently, he’d shared his happiness after receiving the ultimate edition of the Plastic Ono Band album, and his ‘Beatles – Name That Tune‘ challenges with his daughter Melody have gone viral.

In his recent tweet, he expressed his excitement for receiving ‘The Beatles Sgt Pepper tapestry‘ which is ‘two of a kind’ as Jay Jay French who’s a fellow Beatles fan has the other one. He said that it made him really happy and that even his cat Mini got excited to see it and wanted to check it out.

Here’s what Mike Portnoy said in his tweet:

“Huge thanks to my Sista Jay Jay French for gifting me this one of a kind (actually two of a kind as he has the only other one in existence) The Beatles Sgt Pepper tapestry! Even Mini got excited and had to come to check it out…

A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All!”

You can check out Mike Portnoy’s tweet below.