GN’R’s Duff McKagan Shares Key To A Strong Marriage With Susan Holmes

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan opened up about his life and marriage to his wife, Susan Holmes. During a recent interview with Sunday World, the bassist and the model affirmed that their relationship got stronger, and the two bonded even more with the hit of Covid lockdowns. McKagan told:

“We realised we are ideal for each other. We hear about other couples, that their marriage didn’t last. How is that? It strengthened ours.”

The GN’R rocker shared the thing he realized that could cause conflicts but ended up avoiding:

“I’m in a very fortunate situation with her… our thing grows and it strengthens. You’ve been through those things where you butt heads, and you realise, ‘We butted heads over A, B, and C in the past for no reason; let’s stop butting heads, we are in this together.'”

McKagan then talked about feeling lucky to have found his wife:

“Fortune, luck… you roll the dice. Susan and I both did the right things in life to have been able to meet each other and then take advantage of that when we did meet. And that takes a little skill and good fortune.”

During the same interview, the model shared that they found each other when they had a lot of stuff going on with their careers, and nevertheless, she claimed that it was the right time.

The two have been married for more than 20 years, and the rocker revealed the reason for keeping their spark alive with the following words:

“I just can’t get enough of her. I pinch myself. I’m super fortunate. You can never have a sh*tty time with her.”

McKagan is working on his solo album ‘Lighthouse’ and recently released the visualizer for the track with the same name. Listen to it below.