Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock Jokes About Playing On Coronation Night

Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock is scheduled to play at London’s 100 Club on May 6th, the same night as King Charles III’s Coronation. The musician took to Twitter, responding to a notice of the event by the Mayor of London Assembly with a humorous comment.

The Sex Pistols have a long history of poking fun at the British monarchy, with their infamous anthem ‘God Save The Queen‘ stirring up controversy back in the day. The song, co-written by Matlock himself, remains a symbol of rebellion and anti-establishment sentiment. Now, it seems Matlock is set to carry on this tradition during the Coronation Night performance.

Glen Matlock’s upcoming concert at the 100 Club is not only a nod to the Coronation but also serves to promote his new solo album, ‘Consequences Coming.‘ The iconic venue has a rich history with the Royal Family, having hosted the King and Queen Consort in December 2020. In his tweet, Matlock playfully invited fans to join him on this special night, joking about the potential consequences of his performance.

Matlock’s tweet read:

“I wonder what kind of warrant I’ll get?! Come on down to the 100 Club this Saturday and find out…”

As the night approaches, fans of Glen Matlock and the Sex Pistols can’t help but be excited to see what the legendary punk rocker has in store for Coronation Night. Matlock’s performance is sure to be one for the books, but it’s reported that the bassist won’t change ‘God Save The Queen’s lyrics to ‘God Save The King.