The Song Genesis’ Phil Collins Was Offered $10 Million To Make

Genesis’ Phil Collins proved himself as a successful musician as he spent his entire life creating music, playing the drums, and singing for his fans. Collins has released 15 albums with Genesis and eight solo albums, and he has contributed to the songwriting process immensely. He is also involved in the movie industry since he has acted and produced songs for movies.

The best-known song he created for a movie is probably for the 1999 ‘Tarzan.’ ‘You’ll Be in my Heart’ brought Collins an Oscar award for Best Original Music and is considered his most significant accomplishment as a musician. It wasn’t the first time he created a song for a movie, as in 1984, the musician was very close to getting an Oscar for the first time from the song he was offered $10 Million to make.

The Phil Collins Song That Was Worth $10 Million

The Genesis icon was approached by the director Taylor Hackford to convince Collins, who was busy as a be, to contribute to the soundtrack of his upcoming movie ‘Against All Odds.’ Collins did not have the time to create a powerful love ballad from scratch, but after watching the film on a tape, he decided to contribute. He proposed the demo of the song ‘How Can You Just Sit There,’ which he wrote back in 1981 but was not released. In fact, it was his least favorite ballad at the time.

The song was inspired by his breakup with his first wife, and it was created during his transformation from only being a musician to becoming a musician and a lyricist. After watching the movie, renamed ‘Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now),’ the musician analyzed the storyline. Because of his busy schedule, Collins was only able to work on it for two days, and the rest of the work was done over phone calls. The song became one of Collins’ best works, and even though he worked on it for two days, it reached no. 1, and he couldn’t believe it.

Here is what he told Telegraph in 2017:

“We recorded the song in two days – one day in New York, one day in Los Angeles. The mixes were done by phone, and the song went to no. 1. I couldn’t believe it.”

A year before this interview, he talked about his life in 15 songs to Rolling Stone. He revealed that he was offered $10 Million at the time to create the song that would be used at the end credits. Because he had already made the song a couple of years before and only had to rework it, he indicated that it was easy money for him.

Here is what he told Rolling Stone in 2016:

“This is another song that’s been a ring around my neck. It was written around the same time as ‘In the Air Tonight,’ but I discarded it. A couple of years later, I was asked to write a song for the movie called ‘Against All Odds.’ I was really hot at the time, and they said, ‘Have you got a song for this movie of ours?’ I said, ‘I’m not able to do it on the road, but I have a demo of this ballad.’ It was basically like saying, ‘Here’s $10 million. Would you want it?’

I had already written the lyrics before I saw the film. When I think about the movie, the first thing that comes to mind is the size of Rachel Ward’s breasts. I thought they were fantastic. I like Jeff Bridges, too.”

You can listen to the $10 Million worth song below.