Watch Vince Neil’s First Live Show After Breaking His Ribs

The radio personality Eddie Trunk posted a video on his Instagram account in which he revealed that Vince Neil returned to the stage for his first live performance after he broke his ribs during an unfortunate stage accident.

During his performance at The Monsters On The Mountain Festival, something unfortunate happened to the Mötley Crüe singer. While he was singing, Vince Neil stepped to the edge of the stage and fell through a small gap. After the incident, his bandmate announced that Vince broke his ribs and couldn’t breathe at that moment.

Following the accident, the singer was rushed to the hospital and required medical care. On October 17, Mötley Crüe announced that Neil is back home from the hospital and is resting to recover for their upcoming tour in 2022. As he recently had serious issues with his voice and performed poorly, the fans were eager to see if the singer got any better.

According to Eddie Trunk’s recent Instagram post, Vince Neil is now quite healthy. In the video Trunk posted, Neil is seen performing for a private gig on a yacht in Miami. Moreover, Eddie Trunk said in the post’s caption that this is the first live show of Neil after the accident, and it’s great to see the singer back on the stage.

Eddie Trunk’s Instagram post read:

“Vince Neil’s first show post-stage-fall tonight in Miami. Private gig in a yacht I hosted. Great night and great to see VN back out there again so soon after broken ribs.”

Upon seeing the video, Neil’s fans commented below Eddie Trunk’s post to reveal their thoughts on the singer’s performance. One of the fans said that he sounds a lot better in this performance while the others agreed that comment. Another fan also said that he cannot believe that Neil sounds this good.

In the comments section, one fan said:

“He’s sounding a lot better.”

Another one added:

“Great to see! Vince sounds pretty good here!

One fan also stated:

“Can’t believe it – he sounds good!”

It seems that Vince Neil’s efforts to improve his performances had pleasant results as can be seen in the video of his latest live show. Besides, the fans are now pleased to hear the singer is sounding better after his past disastrous performances.